the market surface for market validation

SCRATCH” phase focuses on finding out how to reach customers in the new market and seeking their feedback on your products and services. It is suitable for small businesses for understanding more about a market or receive a 'quick and dirty' market validation for a new innovation or a product.
Typically, the traditional sales process in this size of a project aims for: 1000 calls that results to 200 - 250 discussions, which deliver 30 - 40 leads. However, it does not provide any continuity and is a ‘one off’ effort. Simply, it needs changing. Here, we will establish the channels (Social media and traditional media), which will deliver leads continuously. Practically we will allocate one person month to sales (cold calling to understand key sales arguments and closing the sales to prove the efficiency of the channels), half person month to digital marketing and considerable amount of euros as advertising budget. If all goes well, we are happy to run sales and digital marketing team for you. See "START" below.

a new market

"TEST" is an improved version of the “SCRATCH”. Its objective is to give your business a kick-start to international visibility, and close the first bunch of substantial sales in a new market.
The typical sales process in this size of a project aims for producing: 4000 calls, 800 - 1000 discussions, 120 - 160 leads. The biggest problem in the traditional sales process is that it stops producing leads immediately after the calling stops. We want to change that completely, by creating you and your products a long lifetime visibility in various channels and a continuous stream of hot leads.
During the “TEST”, we’ll gain a good understanding on where and how do you receive leads efficiently in one market. We’ll also put the marketing automation in place to nurture the leads towards a purchasing decision. Finally, our sales team will bring you a number of deals and revenues. Here, we’ll dedicate 2-3 person months to sales and 1-2 person months to digital marketing along with a substantial advertising budget. Concretely, our typical goal is to generate 4X the number of leads above and utilize the sales force to land the same amount of deals as we would have brought leads in the traditional process. Of course, every case is different and these figures are only indicative.

foreign sales in new language region

START” concentrates on establishing a sales and digital marketing team with substantially better resources than the products earlier. The typical project length is around 6-12 months and size 2-3X of the “TEST.” In “START” we will allocate the best possible sales people speaking the language of the region, train them to your products and manage the sales process.
As everyone knows, cold calling is not an efficient sales method and therefore, we’ll create, and optimize the sales and lead generation machine, supplied with the market language content and marketing actions. This will enable the sales people to close deals efficiently. One of the key activities here is to minimize the costs of the leads, by narrowing down the amount of marketing channels we use.
After the “START” is done, you can finally jump on the helm of the lead and sales generation machine, which we just perfected for you. Naturally, we are happy to strengthen our collaboration further, and continue upgrading the machine and directing revenues from this and new language regions.

the foreign sales

STRENGTHEN” will be accessed after we know how to sell our customer products. As we then know how much a lead costs and how many deals we can close per day, we are able to consider in taking more risk and offer commission based collaboration model. See "Our model" for typical pricing.

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