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– Market Testing and Feedback
– Business and Funding Plan
– Outreach and Dissemination

There is market for your innovation!

We have two types of clients, the ones who love working on the research arena and the ones who really want to take their hi-tech innovations to markets. In best case, both attributes are combined in one single client.


Nevertheless, they all need motivation to continue their work. It might be, a) proof and documentation to make the current funding agency content, b) proof of the real business potential, c) proof that potential clients have interest to collaboration, or d) proof that the innovation or product sells in the intended market.

During PoC

During commercialisation planning

When opening new market

When satisfying investors

Content and Direct Marketing

Expression of Interest

Pilot Clients

The work content

We’ll carry out traditional market research actions, contact potential collaborators/customers, work on the digital communication to obtain hot leads which we might have had no prior indication, and plan for the best possible future actions.

We will invest our hearts to the work, because we want that your innovation is utilized. And if there is also business potential, we would realize the potential by establishing and operating the business.

Meet our team

The team consists of experts with scientific, engineering, economics, start-up, technology transfer, business internationalizing, fund raising and innovation commercialisation experts.

CEO Antti Heikkilä has been building R&D projects at CERN for over a decade and has been involved in writing successful proposals worth over €30M. His passion is in defining new business, convincing the funding agencies to invest in and ramp up the business operations. “

Antti Heikkila


What are people saying about us

10,000+ architects can't be wrong

"From my side it has been a pleasure to work with you too. I appreciate the fast & smooth interaction."

ERC Grantee Netherlands

"It  was such a breathe to submit with you, I never felt stressed out and felt very much supported."

ERC Grantee Luxembourg

“We could not have done it  without you, thanks so much again!”

ERC Grantee Israel


We have our core competencies in Fund raising, Business planning, Sales and Business operations.

For example, we have raised public and private funding for over 30M€, or which 50% for PoC and R&D projects.

Moreover, we have consulted a wealth of researchers and SMEs on business planning.

Furthermore, our team has trained over 400 sales persons and worked for governments by representing the nations’ industries at high tech buyer markets.

We also master the digital lead generation and can handle all communication actions to effortlessly bring in hot leads and pilot clients.

What comes to the business operations, we have established and operated several businesses in the U.S., Finland, Sweden and Malta.

So far, the Maltese environment has been proven to be the most interesting for new hi-tech business.

For example, royalties from patents is tax free, foreigners have an effective tax rate at 5%, there are several grants available and the country is internationally oriented.

Therefore we establish all new businesses in Malta.

€ 30 Million Raised

400 Sales People Trained

20 Companies Established

Other Services Available

PoC Proposal Writing

Not many researchers start their proposals on defining which problem they are going to solve. We will.

Starting Business Operation

For innovators who do not want to be entrepreneurs

Sales and Lead Generation

We will bring in hot leads and close the sales

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