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Evaluators are interested in the full picture

You are the Scientific Expert. We can’t replace you when technology and science is involved. Our biggest advantage is that we will take a totally different tack on the proposal and show why your innovation is needed and what difference it does to human lives. Most importantly we will discuss how to take the idea to markets. All good attributes loved by the evaluators.


From the first proposal lines onwards, we will keep the evaluator interested in your story and potential. Not many researchers start their proposals on defining which problem they are going to solve. We will.


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The team consists of experts with scientific, engineering, economics, start-up, technology transfer, business internationalizing, fund raising and innovation commercialisation experts.

CEO Antti Heikkilä has been building R&D projects at CERN for over a decade and has been involved in writing successful proposals worth over €30M. His passion is in defining new business, convincing the funding agencies to invest in and ramp up the business operations. “

Antti Heikkila


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10,000+ architects can't be wrong

"From my side it has been a pleasure to work with you too. I appreciate the fast & smooth interaction."

ERC Grantee Netherlands

"It  was such a breathe to submit with you, I never felt stressed out and felt very much supported."

ERC Grantee Luxembourg

“We could not have done it  without you, thanks so much again!”

ERC Grantee Israel

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Fibre Optics

Theater Art

Molecular Biology

Energy Efficiency

Cancer Treatment

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We have prepared proposals on: ICT, Detectors, Nanotech, Laser technologies, Fibre Optics, Experimental Physics, BioMed, Molecular Biology, Cancer Treatments, Energy-Efficiency and even Theatre Arts.

The reason why we can be so versatile is the fact that the proposal will be about commercialisation, not about the physics of the innovation. Naturally, the innovation needs to be described and there we trust in your experience while we concentrate on how it is communicated in understandable form. The evaluators can be from all walks of life and are most probably not scientific experts. Therefore it is important to focus on communication when topics get too challenging.






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Starting Business Operation

For innovators who do not want to be entrepreneurs

Business Planning

The plan you need to start operations or convince financers

Market Testing

Let’s ask the market for business proof

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