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Let's put your innovation to use!

Proposal Review Service

How to improve your proposal to get funding

Evaluators will tell what is wrong with your proposal – we will tell how to fix it. This will improve your chances for success, especially when the cut-off is near.  Regardless of the type, we will go through your proposal and tell concretely what needs to be done (Typically 10-30 bullets). In case you want to hire us to do these changes, we will reimburse the service fee at the time of handing over the improved proposal. We are particularly strong in Impact, and in planning how to concretely bring the research results available to everyone.






POC proposalS

Editing for already submitted proposals

In the ESR report, you have multiple comments, but do not know what does these mean in practice? We will improve the proposal so that the proposal is more convincing. We will put effort on the three most important things: the application, the impact and the commercialisation plan. Finally, we will concentrate on the communication, so that you do not lose the evaluator during the crucial first 30 seconds.
For proposals / ideas,  which are still brewing and not yet submitted, we offer our service for 100€/hour or with 5ke retainer+7ke success fee.

*Offer valid for ERC researchers, having ERCEA ESR report available and who have already ordered our review service.

“I think you did a great job in making the proposal much more convincing! Thanks for your great work.”

said by PI from University of Groningen, Netherlands

Market Testing

You need to know the market potential

It is usually required to make a market research or business plan in a POC project. However, that is just a hunch and typically based on literature review, not in any connection with reality. How about going directly to the market and ask the client opinion and their price expectations? This is much more efficient and the application becomes tailored for the real client. We will also create communication material so that you have everything ready and the brand started when you go to market. (see our blog)

Meet our Team

The team consists of experts with scientific, engineering, economics, start-up, technology transfer, business internationalizing, fund raising and innovation commercialisation experts.

CEO Antti Heikkilä has been building R&D projects at CERN for over a decade and has been involved in writing successful proposals worth over €30M. His passion is in defining new business, convincing the funding agencies to invest in and ramp up the business operations. “

Antti Heikkila


Establish the company

Get that business started!

Ramping up business is tough. We made that easy. From us you will get the company structure and all which is needed to grow. We will operate, raise funding and carry out the sales. Your task would be to carry out the technology development. Leave the rest to us. We will always establish companies to Malta due to the favorable funding opportunities, international talents and 300 days of sun. Did you know, that by law, you are guaranteed to get royalties tax free for the first 10 years.

€ 30 Million Raised

400 Sales People Trained

20 Companies Established


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– Business and Funding Plan
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