Our model - How to fund the services

Building an international sales team is an investment and it requires resources, most importantly money. We have created a great method to make the investment as attractive as possible. This is done by the following actions:

1 Pricing consists of a significant success based component – giving us and our clients the same incentive structure

2 We have negotiated investment packages so that the cash outlay of the investment can be very attractive

3 We always utilize public funding possibilities when they are applicable

4 In some cases part of our invoicing can be paid with equity

Of course the target is to create such operations that start to finance themselves in terms of sales. However, it must be understood that building an international sales unit is a long-term investment, which will never be cash-flow positive immediately and only in rare cases in less than 12-24 months of time.

Below are typical illustrative examples of pricing and funding of different service packages.

Service package 



Sales commission 

Public funding 

Loan financing of the investment 

Equity funding 


1-2 months 

Total cost circa 8k€ 


Usually easy, e.g. 5000€ Innovation Voucher in Finland 




4-6 months 

Total cost circa 24k€ 


E.g. Tekes Team Finland Explorer 50% funding for 20ke project 




6-12 months 

Total cost 60 – 100k€ 


Usually there are possibilities for public financing. Often up to 50% of total costs 





3-6k€ / month and upwards 


Various possibilities exist, especially for risky high tech cases with high growth potential 



For Whom?

Our clients are companies, determined to go abroad but who can’t take the full risk of the financial investment that starting foreign sales activities often requires (see Why not do it myself?). Another client group we serve are start-ups and innovators who want to validate their products/services/business model in certain markets.


Why not do it myself?

Why not!? You should always do it yourself as it is the best way to acquire market feedback and learn how your products and services could be refined for increased sales. However, the reality always strikes when :

  • Recruiting EXCELLENT sales people who natively speak the market language
  • Training the sales people to your products as well as sales techniques
  • Frequently managing the sales and analyzing the performance
  • Coordinating the digital marketing and its content creation in foreign language
  • Using the right media channels to find the leads
  • Minimizing the cost per lead and marketing campaigns
  • Feeding the sales funnel with HOT leads

The typical success rate of finding efficient sales people is less than 50%. Therefore, the investment a company is making on the foreign sales expansion is easily 100k€ to start with as it takes up to a year to know if the person is productive. To be honest, it is a lot of sales these new people need to generate for break even. Risks are rather high, and even higher if you haven’t found the right sales person or do not know how to make his/her work more effective.

The lead generation machine described 

In our digital lead generation, the sole purpose is to increase the amount and quality of leads that are found and nurtured for the sales process. We have paid special attention to optimize the use of human resources, so that the model is not human work dependent and as scalable as possible. 

Our digital process is divided into four phases.

  1. Phase one leads traffic to the landing page (which can be a separate page or a part of our customer’s website).
  2. Second phase is conversion optimized landing page, where we always put a major emphasis on analytics and A/B testing.
  3. Third is lead nurturing process, which in some cases can be manual whereas in others (usually if opt-in traffic from landing page is relatively large) it makes sense to automate it.
  4. The final part of the process is the handover to sales process, where leads are converted to sales. This process part usually requires a human input, i.e. a sales person taking part in the sales. However, even sales processes can be automated for certain types of products.  

The most complicated and also costly part of the digital process is driving traffic to the landing page. This also requires serious advertisement investments. In the table below we emphasize some characteristics of the products, customers and sales processes that have an impact on the design of the right traffic generation. 

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